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It is our goal to stay ahead of the growth curve by anticipating new challenges ahead. Not only for each new milestone in your little one’s development, but also for the evolving mom. We strive to develop and produce the very best solutions to make each milestone a merry one for both you and your baby.

Stroller Organizer

See what other parents are saying about the Merry Milestones Stroller Organizer:

“I absolutely LOVE this organizer! It fits perfectly on my stroller and my son’s push bike. I also like that I can easily take it off and bring it into the house so I don’t have to unload everything before coming in. Before I was struggling with snacks, drinks, and my phone. Now I have them there easily to grab! I highly recommend this product!”

“The best stroller organizer on the market.”

“I didn’t know how much I needed this until I had it. My favorite part is that I can fold the stroller without having to remove it- huge time saver.”

“Very cool stroller diaper bag. Was able to get my daughters sippy cup, a few diapers and a container of wipes , wallet and other very much needed items without dragging my whole diaper bag in the mall !! Saved room for shopping 🙂 I can’t wait to use it at the zoo this summer”

“Absolutely love this thing!!! Received as a gift to replace my previous organizer which ripped. So hard to find a great organizer that actually fits on a Bob stroller, and having the wristlet (which seems like a “nice to have” more than a “need to have”) is a such a convenience – especially for places like the zoo or a theme park where you have to leave the stroller unattended! Highly recommend!!!”

“My new go-to gift for baby showers! Some strollers come with compartments and cup holders, but for those of us who don’t have that, this is wonderful!! In fact, I like the storage options in the organizer better than those I’ve seen on strollers.”

“This organizer is perfect for busy Mom’s like myself. I can throw my wallet, phone, a bottle, diaper, wipes and a few toys and not have to worry about if I need to lug my heavy diaper bag with me! It keeps everything in one place but I can take it off as a shoulder bag if the kids want to eat somewhere. It’s easy to take off and on and I love that it’s in the front of my stroller so I can grab what I need when I need it. It truly is a life savor for a Mom of two!”

“I love that it has two insulated deep cup holders. It is portable and I can convert it into a diaper bag. I can easily remove it from the stroller when I need to. I am very satisfied with this product!”

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Get yours today on Amazon