Our Merry Mission

Our Mission is to make each and every milestone a merry one.
As you know, babies do not come with manuals. One special day you are handed this beautiful child who is completely dependent on you to figure things out. There is an instinct that comes with this attachment that cannot be denied, but there is also a lot of uncertainty- a lot of trial and error. Sometimes we seek the counsel of those before us, but times are ever changing just the same as your baby, your toddler, your child, is ever changing. Once we start to get the hang of one stage in development, they are in full transition to the next. With every milestone in your little one’s life there is so much joy, pride and excitement. And with each milestone, change can also bring on new challenges. It is our mission to be proactive and stay ahead of the curve so you can have peace and be MERRY in the NOW knowing that we will always prepare you for the milestone ahead.