Our Founder

Alacia Mahnken

As a mom of 3 children and a full-time career in the Emergency Department I am busy to say the least, but I know we ALL are! We are all in this together, just trying to do our best for our families. We laugh, we cry, we yell (admit it), and we do whatever we have to to get the job done because there is no “day off” when you’re a parent.  There are however, plenty of “off days.” You know, the ones where you forget where you put the keys, your coffee spills while you’re walking out the door, and you realize your little one has no shoes on when you pull up to your destination. My personal frustrations through these “off days” led me to prayer which led me to create Merry Milestones.  I believe that with every challenge we are faced with, there is either a solution or a tribe we can connect with so we do not have to face the challenge alone.

Merry Mail

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*Past giveaways have included a new Britax B-Agile Stroller, a North States 8-panel Superyard Playard and several Amazon gift cards.

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