Baby Gear Accessories to Help You Get Out of the House

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New moms can become quite anxious at the thought of leaving the house with their newborn. It is completely unchartered territory, and it can be hard to know what to take and when to time your outing.  To help simplify things for the new mom here is a list of essential baby gear accessories to get you out of the house.

First things first, you will need a stroller!

The key to picking a stroller is to take your time before baby arrives to do your research and find one that will work for you. There are so many points to consider, such as:

  • How many seats do you need?
  • Rough terrain or smooth terrain?
  • How many wheels would you like?
  • Where do you want the brake located? As in, foot or hand controlled.
  • Are you looking at using the stroller for future children?
  • What is the weight of the pram when lifting it into the back of your car?
  • Does it fit into the back of your car comfortably?
  • Are you intending on exercising/jogging with the pram?

So many questions to take into consideration when looking at strollers. It can be tough to know where to start, so find your local baby goods shop and ask a shop assistant, or friends and family who have children. You do not have to do this alone.

Also don’t forget to go into a baby shop and take one for a trial spin. You may find the one you found on the Internet that you thought was perfect, you don’t like the way it feels when steering it or folding it. 

Once you have picked the perfect stroller for you and your growing family, you need to deck it out and make it as functional as possible!

The perfect stroller companion: The Stroller Organizer.

Stroller organizers are fantastic to keep all your essential on-the-go items in one place where they are easily accessible. You don’t need to cart your big diaper bag packed to the brim around when you are going out for a stroll with your new baby or ducking out to the shops.

Our personal favorite is this stroller organizer from Merry Milestones (but we may be biased).  It has a detachable wristlet for extra portability. This means you can still take your most valuable items with you when you need to walk away from your stroller (such as changing rooms, stroller parking at theme parks, airports etcetera). This organizer also has two deep insulated cup holders, perfect to keep your water cool or your coffee hot!

The very best feature of this fantastic organizer from Merry Milestone is that it comes with a shoulder strap. It gives what may seem a small bag so much more versatility. Pack all the handy pockets full of everything you need, then simply throw it over your shoulder and out you go for a fun day out with your little one! It is not just a stroller organizer, it is an EVERYDAY organizer. A must have item for any new mum, and a MUST HAVE bag to get you out of the house with everything you need.

You can check out what other moms are saying about this stroller organizer here.

Beat the sun and rain.

When it is sunny and hot or raining and cold it is easy to make excuses not to leave the house. With the addition of a sun or rain cover that is suitable for the pram you picked out you can eliminate those excuses and protect your newborn baby from the elements.

A can do attitude!

Motherhood. It is hard. Between diaper changes, feeding, naptimes and a screaming newborn that whole day can pass before you know it (or it can feel like an eternity). Time is a strange thing those first few months. It feels like you have been stuck in the house forever, yet the day can go super fast.

Getting out of the house is so important to you, and your baby. Trust me, a walk in the fresh air is just what you need. With a little can-do attitude and exercise you will be a new person, ready to tackle more diaper changes and screaming baby. So grab your stroller and groovy stroller organizer and head out that door!  Good luck Momma!

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