20 Ways to Spice Up Mom Life

20 Ways to Spice Up Mom Life

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Are you ready to spice up Mom life?

As we head into Mother’s Day weekend let’s take a second to reflect on the past year of mothering.

You may have welcomed a new baby into your family, or you may have found out you are expecting- congrats if one of these pertains to you.

Or you may have entered the toddler stage and recently found out what they mean by “the terrible 2’s”.  Maybe there has been so much change over the last year that your head is spinning and you are not sure which direction you will be heading when it finally stops.  To you I say, welcome to Circque De Mommy.

Soon it will all be a little less theatrical and amusing.  Soon it will be pretty normal, possibly even mundane.  You will find you are actually pretty talented at balancing a toddler on your foot, a baby on your hip, a convo on speaker phone, while mixing a bottle or making a meal, or doing the dishes and helping your little one read a book.

These things become routine and automatic and before you know it another year will pass.

If that sounds more like you, keep reading because this one is for you.

If you are reflecting and wondering where the 365 some days since since last Mothers Day went, I am right there with you my friend.  If you feel like everyday is feeling very much like the day before, we must be in mommy groundhog day because I feel it too.

There is something about Mother’s Day that get’s me thinking about all the routine mothering that we do on the daily…

It is almost an out-of-body realization that this day is not just to celebrate my Mother or my husband’s Mother, but also myself.  Then it comes to me.  It plays like a movie in my head and I see very clearly all the mothering that has been done over the last year and I feel like a boss.

I also feel like a boss that believes a good year-end-review is due to accurately evaluate what bonus I am deserving of.  However, I do not want my bonus in one lump sum and gifted as a massage certificate on one day of the year… (btw, I have no idea where I put my gift certificate for my massage from last Mother’s Day?? Tip to anyone planning on getting a massage certificate for someone for Mother’s day-  schedule it for them and have EVERYTHING taken care of so that all they have to do is show up!)

I want it in daily installments over the next 365 days because this job could use a little workday bonus or excitement.

I mean, each day I know I say the same thing “take your papers out of your school bag that I need to look at or sign and put them on the counter,” “do not get up from the table until you are finished with your plate,” “do not throw stuff at your sister,” “put your pants on (to my toddler),” etc etc.

I do a lot of the same things as well.  Work, clean, kids, work, clean, kids, wash, rinse, repeat.  I left cooking out because if I am being honest, I rarely cook!  Sure, I will throw some stuff in the oven or fry up an egg or two, but my hubby does the majority of the cooking and I am so grateful for that.

This Mother’s Day I would like to spice things up, but not just for the day.  I would like to create a plan to add a little more magic to the next 365 days. I need a little more flavor in my days as the routine can be bland and boring.

If this is something you feel you could also use in your life, you are welcome to try some of the following as well.  Or make your own list.   When we look back next year on our list, we can tweak it to make it even better!  Here are some of my ideas.  I would love to hear yours as well.

  1. Find a new way to move the body.
    1. Bike ride around the neighborhood
    2. Take a swim in that bikini you’ve pushed to the back of your drawer
    3. Take up pole dancing cardio
    4. Jump on your child’s trampoline or get an aeroibics trampoline and blast your fav songs
    5. Have a dance party in your living room or in your bedroom 😉
    6. See if you can remember your old cheerleading or gymnastics moves (carefully)
    7. Sign up for a 5k
  2. Schedule a girls night once a month.  Put it on the calendar ladies!
  3. Buy some sexy night clothes with a nice cover up.  When the kids go down, the robe comes off.  Walk around and own it.  Feel good in your skin.  This takes practice.
  4. Schedule a weeknight date night at home after kids go to bed.  This could be the start of getting into a a new series with your spouse, or something more intimate, depending on your mood.
  5. Perform random acts of kindness.
    1. write a note
    2. send flowers, candy, gift card
    3. compliment strangers (be authentic)
    4. volunteer
  6. Try a new cultural cuisine
  7. Have SEXY time before work
  8. Change up your hairstyle
  9. Actually set a date to meet up with that online friend you’ve been chatting with forever
  10. Read a hot/risque book
  11. Make a vision board and be on the lookout for new things to add throughout the year
  12. Go to a comedy club or rent your fav comedians show and pop some popcorn
  13. Find out when your fav band or singer will be in your town and schedule it!
  14. Plant some vegetation
  15. Redecorate, move around your house
  16. Have your makeup done by a professional and try out some new riskier colors
  17. Do something new with your hands
    1. Take a pottery class
    2. Painting with a twist
    3. Learn a song on the keyboard
  18. Practice meditation/work on some new yoga poses
  19. Add a new piece to your wardrobe that you would normally talk your self out of, but absolutely love!
  20. Start your day with a blank piece of paper and a pen and answer the question “What if today were my last?” then try to do at least one of those things you would want to do if today were indeed your last.  I found this idea from the article “25 Little Changes to Make the Day More Exciting”

I am excited to try these and see where it leads.  I would love to hear some of your ideas.  How are you going to Spice up Mom Life, comment below.

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